2006 Top Ten: Blog Posts

When they're not breaking news, breaking bread, or breaking whisky bottles over each others' noggins, Light Reading's editors break up the monotony of the day by blogging. And you've apparently taken to reading them. And that's probably causing a general decline in telecom sector productivity.

So, quickly, before the industry slips into another click-fueled recession, let's take one last look back at the 10 most salacious, interesting, and inexplicably popular Light Reading blog posts from 2006:

10. PBT Means What?
Ray Le Maistre's EuroBlog gave Nortel Networks Ltd. 's PBT technology a good crack on the back after chatting with vendors at the Broadband World Forum. No doubt this popular post was forwarded all over Her Majesty's Empire.

9. Figuring FiOS
The Philter again put pen to paper (and mouth to vodka) as he attempted to figure out exactly what it cost Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE: VZ) to reach and connect a home with its FiOS services. He maintains that $9,650 a house is a bargain, given all that's at stake. But it's also a much higher figure than Verizon has ever copped to when talking to Wall Street. Hmmmm…

In an industry as stiff and humorless as telecom, a little satire -- and a bad logo -- goes a long way. Just ask Alcatel-Lucent (NYSE: ALU). (See Alcatel's Heartburn and AlcaLu Blue.)

7. Web Video Cheat Sheet
A golden rule of blogging: Give people something useful and they'll use it. Then they'll forward it. Then those people will use it. And those people will forward it... Kind of a long-winded rule, ain't it?

6. FiOS Fries Comcast
In his Light Ranting blog, Scott Raynovich struck virtual gold with a post about comparing cable to a fiber-fed service such as Verizon's FiOS. So sayeth the Ranting One: "This could be the real edge that fiber services have against cable: They can guarantee higher speeds at competitive prices."

5. Russia's Sex Drive
Who cares what Russians do while driving? Thousands of you, according to our Web server traffic report.

4. 10 Meg Is Here!
The Philter, much to his wife's surprise, is quite fond of posting his personal bills on the Internet for the entire world to gawk at. Once in a while, readers reward this kind of behavior, especially when it makes a larger point about what bandwidth really costs. Makes all those rolling-pin beatings worth it in the end.

3. Blue Panda Movies
Red Panda veers waaay off topic once in a while. Okay, all the time. And in this post, he passes along a page right out of the panda mating playbook.

2. Texas Saves the Children
Leave it to Larry, the Light Reading Attack Monkey to take an off-topic story, add a splash of sarcasm, and set the message boards a-boiling.

1. Get Broadband
The best blogs get right to the point. And you can't get much more to the point than Scott Raynovich's April 13 post regarding one Cisco Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: CSCO) jobber who was, for a brief moment, riding high on a wave of some positive press coverage.

Then he read Light Reading.

Welcome back to Earth, Dave.

— The Staff, Light Reading

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