2005 Top Ten: Top Tens

Wow, what a year. And to commemorate just one more time, Light Reading presents the best of our Top Ten Lists of 2005 -- a little one stop shop for all the highlights of the year that was.

As the new year begins, we've all earned a little room to look back at the ups-and-downs of 2005. Enjoy! But don't get too cozy. Until there's a chicken in every pot, 100 Mbit/s to every modem, and "3G" becomes something more than a bingo coordinate, then there's still much work yet to be done.

  • 2005 Top Ten: M&A
    Billions and billions of dollars in deals... Did you even notice all of them?

  • 2005 Top Ten: Blog Posts
    Offensive, defensive, hilarious, and pensive -- it's the best posts from Light Reading's blogs

— The Staff, Light Reading

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