2005 Top Ten: Blog Posts

Often controversial, never dull -- and vice versa -- Light Reading's blogs have become a must-read for folks all over the telecom industry in the past year.

Actually, it wasn't until May that Light Reading's blog page really came to life, as several new blogs appeared including Light Ranting, by Scott Raynovich and Monkey Bidness, the one penned by Larry the Light Reading Attack Monkey.

Later in the year, Randy the Red Panda started his own blog as well, to make sure we offended as many people as often as possible.

Yes, in a relatively short time, there have been quite a few blog posts that will live in infamy on Light Reading, if there is such a word.

Here are the 10 most salacious, interesting, and inexplicably popular Light Reading blog posts from 2005:

10. 300 an Hour!
The Philter's forensic math skills created quite a buzz as AOLers everywhere realized that the service really does suck as bad as everyone says. Seriously, 300 people an hour can't be wrong.

9. Fixed! DSL Debugged
Light Ranting's saga with a fried DSL connection -- and some baked service personnel -- makes for that kind of story that makes you laugh, cry, and then get up to go check your modem lights, just in case.

8. Stupidity Spreading
What could be more appropriate for a telecom news Web site than a bunch of folks arguing the merits of whether intelligent design should be taught in South Carolina classrooms? Plenty of things actually, but you'll never find them on Larry's blog.

Wait a minute... South Carolina has classrooms?

7. Google Is Taking Over the World
Maybe it was just the title, but Bill St. Arnaud's blurb on Google's BIG PLAN was among the first on the topic -- and the most widely read of any of Bill's Risible Blips.

6. Chicken Pants Sticking with the theme of great titles, this goofy post pointed to an eBay listing where some unfortunate eBayer really laid an egg.

5. One Day You'll Thank Us
We have no comment on this post except to say we did what the sign said, and it wasn't that bad.

4. LR Museum of Schwag, Part I
This has to be one of the best ideas around -- cataloging all the assorted crap you're handed at trade shows or that you harvest from PR kits that come in the mail. If Cisco Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: CSCO) ever makes a John Chambers bobble-head, you can bet it'll turn up in Light Ranting's "museum."

3. 100 Best Beers?
Only Larry had the courage to stand up to the fraud that is Beer Advocate's 100 best beers list. Of course, only Larry is capable of that kind of research all in one afternoon.

2. Informa Diverges
No one picks apart bad PR like The Philter. Well, the Fellowes C-420 does a comparable job. But it's not nearly as charming.

1. Ohh Nooo!!!
One of the most popular blog posts to date -- and certainly the one with the longest discussion following -- is Red Panda's politically charged swipe at the Colander-in-Chief. It's not telecom-related, but it does serve to memorialize one of the most tragic communications breakdowns in this country's history -- and the shoulder-shrugging that followed from our political leaders.

After logging the most popular blog in such a short time, maybe we should change his name to Widely-Read Panda.

(Crickets chirp.)

Hello? This thing on?

— The Staff, Light Reading

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