Service Your Service Providers

NOON -- Carriers are keen to offer triple-play services, but they don't want to manage them alone.

So says a poll of nearly 150 participants in a Light Reading Webinar sponsored by VOIP performance management vendor Brix Networks.

A full 29 percent of the folks surveyed -- presumably network decision makers -- felt that network operators would leave the management of triple-play services up to their infrastructure vendors. Granted, this could have been vendors who ticked the wrong box when they were asked to identify themselves, but still, it's a pretty interesting finding.

Another 24 percent of those Webinar participants said they will outsource the task of managing triple-play services to tech service firms like Accenture, EDS, or IBM Global Services.

Can any company survive in the access space if all they want to be is a box maker?

— Phil Harvey, News Editor, Light Reading

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