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Podcast: Is the hyperscaler and telco relationship parasitic or symbiotic?

Gabriel Sidhom, COO for Orange Silicon Valley, joins the podcast to provide insight into service providers' move to the cloud and shares five drivers that have pushed that cloud journey forward.

Orange Silicon Valley got its start as a lab and R&D center, but has evolved to "be much more focused on external innovation. We refer to ourselves as an innovation center," explains Sidhom.

In addition to discussing how technologies such as 5G are impacting telcos' cloud journey, Sidhom examines how the dynamic between hyperscalers and traditional service providers is changing.

"In the case of the telco, there's a strong synergy because a lot of the cloud players have what the telcos need, but the telcos also have what the cloud players need," says Sidhom. "It's all about getting as close to the customer as possible."

5G, AR and VR are also shaping the focus of Orange Silicon Valley's research, and Sidhom shares safety use cases that the innovation center is working on to utilize these technologies. He also explains how Orange Silicon Valley is identifying and supporting emerging tech startups.

"You're seeing a lot more solution contests where you open up a problem and people come and try to solve it," says Sidhom. "It's shortening the cycle between beta of a startup and commercializing it. People are more accepting of this constant improvement of an offer rather than having something that's perfected and off the shelf."

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— Kelsey Kusterer Ziser, Senior Editor, Light Reading

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