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PM Factory Netherlands deploys Mavenir's cloud-native packet gateway to power its MVNO solution

ALMERE, Netherlands – Mavenir, the Network Software Provider building the future of networks with cloud-native software that runs on any cloud, today announced the deployment of its cloud-native Packet Gateway (PGW) to PM Factory B.V. in the Netherlands. PM Factory can now significantly elevate its Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE) offering from 2G and 3G to 4G VoLTE and VoWiFi solutions, bringing on voice and data interconnects via Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO).

PM Factory delivers managed mobile network components to operators and services providers for the supply of mobile telecom and connectivity services. Mavenir's PGW was the crucial component in unlocking PM Factory's new 4G offering, and brings secure, reliable and flexible VoLTE to many of its customers in the market. This project represents the beginning of a continued collaboration for future 5G capabilities in the Netherlands and expansion to European markets.

With increasing expectations from PM Factory's MVNO partners around the level of connectivity and access to technology, integrating Mavenir's PGW was key in upgrading pre-existing MVNO technology, which could be unreliable as voice and data swaps between 3G to 4G. PM Factory is delivering better reach and quality while providing access to full 4G Data & Voice interconnects including VoLTE and VoWiFi.

Key attributes of Mavenir's solution include:

  • Mavenir Converged Packet Core serving 2G/3G/4G/5G, non-3GPP and Fixed Wireline Access across all non-standalone (NSA) and standalone (SA) options
  • Ability to scale down to a single server for Private Network & MEC and scale up for consumer and IoT use cases
  • The inherent scalability of the software allows any-size deployment and incremental growth. Independent scaling in signaling, throughput, and storage can be achieved while preserving industry-leading performance
  • Mavenir's PGW is part of the cloud-native MAVcore portfolio built on an open architecture which offers easy scaling of applications and services, hardware decoupling, agility, portability and resilience.

Read the full press release here.


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