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Microsoft, Telefónica Tech team for hybrid cloud products

Microsoft and Telefónica Tech strengthen their strategic alliance to offer specific confidential hybrid cloud solutions to public administrations and companies in regulated sectors, with a focus on offering monitoring and encryption services to ensure the security and privacy of their data in Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Microsoft and Telefónica Tech will offer public sector organizations, including Defense, and companies in regulated environments the possibility to benefit from the best infrastructure and cloud computing services to advance their digital transformation plans, while complying with data protection provisions and recommendations defined by the European Data Protection Board (EDPB).

Microsoft provides the highest privacy guarantees and meets the needs of digital sovereignty through a unique set of technologies and certifications. The company has National Security Scheme high-level certification for Azure, Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 and is contractually committed to legally oppose access to its enterprise and public sector customers' data by any government. Microsoft has also announced the EU Data Boundary initiative to enable the company's customers to store and process their personal data within the EU. This commitment applies to Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 cloud services.

For its part, Telefónica Tech will provide consulting, implementation and operation services that will enable the deployment of maximum security cloud services within the scope of public administrations and companies in regulated environments, ensuring at all times compliance with the requirements of information privacy, quality of service and regulatory compliance.

Telefónica Tech will complement the joint offer of both companies with value-added services, such as intelligent management of communications and infrastructure or monitoring and management of cyber threats from its Cybersecurity Operations Center, in order to ensure a fast and secure adoption of cloud services by different organizations and institutions. It will offer, in turn, specialized consulting services for the design, deployment and operation of Big Data platforms on Microsoft Azure Cloud capabilities, accompanying public administrations and companies in regulated environments in the definition and implementation of their data and artificial intelligence strategy, and contributing to the development of specific use cases.

In addition, specific solutions will be offered for the Defense sector that combine the 5G connectivity solutions offered by Telefónica with Microsoft cloud services, enabling innovation in environments with high security and compliance requirements.

A boost in the collaboration between Microsoft and Telefónica Tech

All these services will be implemented in Microsoft's current cloud environments and will be complemented by the upcoming availability of the new Cloud Region that Microsoft will open in Spain and that will leverage Telefónica's current infrastructure, as already announced in February 2020. In this way, they strengthen and expand the relationship between the two companies to help accelerate the digital transformation of public and private entities of all sizes, helping them to innovate, grow and securely migrate their businesses to the cloud.


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