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BT on clearing up the cloudy relationship between telcos and hyperscalers

BT Global's Chet Patel joins the podcast for a discussion on how the relationship between telcos and hyperscalers is changing as a result of enterprise demand.

As enterprises become more reliant on cloud applications and need help managing their cloud infrastructure, telcos have shifted their focus from providing connectivity where their large customers are located to where the cloud nodes are located, says Patel.

"All the telcos in the world had their networks planned around big customers and big cities. Guess what? We all know where the traffic is going – it's going to these huge cloud nodes," says Patel, Chief Commercial Officer and President, Americas, at BT Global. "We've had to move all the highways and network connectivity so it's more connected to cloud nodes, regardless of where customers are."

In addition, Patel explains how hyperscalers and telcos can work together to provide customers with the managed services they require. He also discusses BT's own approach to managing cloud infrastructure and how the service provider is supporting customers that need access to both public and private cloud applications.

— Kelsey Kusterer Ziser, Senior Editor, Light Reading

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