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5G World: Reasons to be upbeat about 5G and the telco cloud future

There are definitely reasons to be upbeat about the trajectory of 5G, according to Dario Talmesio, Omdia's research director for service provider strategy and regulation. This is especially true if you consider that "real" 5G – 5G standalone – doesn't exist yet in most places, yet service providers are still growing their topline with 5G services from their consumer businesses.

A lot of service providers still seem behind the curve on finding business models to take full advantage of 5G, the analyst said. "I think we are very much in proof of concept, type of mode, we are in implementation mode. There are obviously important examples in the market. But in terms of how to commercialize it – or what commercial models are going to be – then it is probably too early," Talmesio said.

He noted that hyperscale cloud providers do seem to be an unstoppable force at the moment, but that doesn't necessarily mean telcos have lost. The combined business of the hyperscale companies will surpass the telecom business in revenue terms for the first time next year, Talmesio said.

But he noted that it may not be fair to talk about telcos and hyperscalers as opposing forces moving in different directions, though they may have looked that way a few years ago.

"The reality is that though, it looks like the destiny of telco service providers and hyperscale operators seems to be more interrelated, interwoven, and going in the same direction," Talmesio said. "I think we've moved more into the cooperation side of these debates."

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