Verizon: Cyber Attacks Hit New Targets in New Ways

Manufacturing and production environments as well as critical infrastructure are being targeted by polymorphic attacks intended to embarrass, says David Ostertag, global investigations manager for Verizon Enterprise Solutions. The polymorphic nature of the attacks means they not only hit companies on multiple fronts, but the attacks themselves evolve over time. That means enterprises need to look at each attack on a broader basis to determine its true impact on all parts of the operation.

cnwedit 12/21/2015 | 10:43:16 AM
Re: Embarrassment - How will it affect sharing? That is one of the changes most security folks are pushing for - and that is, convincing folks to share info as soon as possible. There is often ressistance to doing that, because it not only embarasses the targets it alerts the bad guys that their current ploy is foiled and usually prompts them to adjust and re-attack. 

As multiple speakers at this event stressed, however, only early sharing will create an industry-wide response capable of shutting down major attacks. 
kq4ym 12/21/2015 | 10:34:30 AM
Embarrassment - How will it affect sharing? I'm wonding if since some of the attacks are "intended to embarrass" will that inhibit the sharing of intelligence by companies, if the intended embarrassment is actually working. It would seem that if no financial assets were compromised, an attacked company might want to keep that information internal.
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