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Survey: Consumers Want Simple Online Protection

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REDWOOD CITY, Calif. -- Consumers are looking for greater simplicity when it comes to their online security according to recent research commissioned by Nominum. Consumers find their digital world expanding at an astounding pace with more and more Internet-connected “things” from computers, tablets and smartphones to gaming systems, thermostats, cameras, smart TVs, appliances and more. Many feel less secure and are looking for uncomplicated security solutions from their Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Nominum commissioned an online survey conducted by market research firm YouGov in July 2015 that polled 1,106 consumers in the United States. The most interesting result was 63% of consumers surveyed would like it if their current ISP provided one simple solution to increase security across all their connected devices. In fact, a majority (51%) agreed they would switch to another provider if they offered a higher level of online protection, without additional monthly charges.

Another surprising detail was 58% of consumers have either never changed their home gateway or router password, didn’t know how, or haven’t changed it in more than a year. Up to 22% have never changed their home gateway password at all. This is despite explosive publicity surrounding growth in Internet vulnerabilities, and many expert security recommendations to change default passwords on gateways and routers. Other key survey discoveries include:

  • Nearly half (49%) of all respondents stated they are adequately protected from online threats on their computers, tablets and smartphones
  • The majority (52%) feel they understand Internet security well enough to choose, install and maintain the right security tools for their own home
  • However, consumer confidence drops when other connected home devices (e.g. gaming consoles, smart TVs, thermostats and other Internet-enabled devices) are taken into consideration, with just 37% feeling they are adequately protected from online threats
  • Only 36% admitted installing security tools to protect connected devices beyond computers, tablets and cellphones
  • Complex security solutions are not helping as 80% of those who responded that they did not feel adequately protected online would prefer wanting a simpler solution

    Nominum Inc.

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    9/30/2015 | 12:57:03 AM
    Re: A "nice to have" :-)
    I yearn for that day because in all frankness  that's what will customers will demand and do expect.   I am probably naive--but hopefuly not in vain.
    9/28/2015 | 9:24:26 AM
    Re: A "nice to have" :-)
    This is also a question of standard as more and more systems connect. And as standards evolve at a slow pace, a global solution will be implemented easier once the existing platforms dominate the markets of connected devices(Android or iOS). A centralized solution will then be feasible.
    9/27/2015 | 1:03:49 PM
    A "nice to have" :-)
    In this era of increased sophistication, who does not wish to strive for simplicity.  But the question that all vendors have to think about is at what cost.   How can one continue to be safe on the "wild wild west" when not even Federal Government employees are secure?

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