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SlideshowNew Security Mantra: Explode-Offload-Reload

Ed Amoroso, speaking in 2015 at a Light Reading security event.
Ed Amoroso, speaking in 2015 at a Light Reading security event.

Carol Wilson 9/7/2017 | 3:46:53 PM
Re: AI matches the cyber-security problem I think will always be loading and reloading on both sides of the cyber wars. One side adjusts to gain an advantage and then the other side adjusts to that adjustment and so on. The fact that Ed thinks there will be an advantage-defense if these changes are made is just the first bit of optimism I've heard in a while. 

bosco_pcs 9/7/2017 | 1:42:08 PM
Re: AI matches the cyber-security problem Interesting article, Carol, thanks.

But here is the rub: while we can throw every latest buzz at the problem, many can become a target themselves.

So far, most of the infestations are APT by becoming a privleged entity within the system, but the recent botnet and IoT hijacking can be a glimpse of things to come. What if the AI modules are corrupted. And how about decentralizing the command & control server of the attackers. 

To be clear, I am not that technical so I don't know how that could work but since Ed is proposing a new paradigm, surely the attackers will adept to that paradigm. And the reload phase seems to be a porus border.

The fact that Docker is facing some of the OO issues right now. 

O, Brave New World!
Carol Wilson 9/7/2017 | 10:40:25 AM
AI matches the cyber-security problem One additional point that Ed makes very clearly: Artificial intelligence and the use of massively parallel computing to break complex problems into a series of small decisions or observations all being done at the same time, is a good match for cyber security problems. Or as he put it:

"In cyber-security, how do we decide if are we under attack? Look over here, has this changed, has that changed, are their problems over here, is there evidence of this, do I see congestion over here? You look for little bits of evidence, changes - all massively in parallel and you put all of that together and come to a determination that is much better than a human being sitting at a computer terminal can ever do."

So the same kind of AI that lets Watson answer questions on jeopardy can be used to detect and disarm cyber-security attacks and that's the kind of technology "reload" Ed is advising companies to make. 
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