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CenturyLink: Are We All Security Service Providers Now?

As the security environment gets more threatening, in the wake of WannaCry and other attacks, service providers need to shoulder more responsibility for securing networks, says Tim Kelleher, vice president for IT security services at CenturyLink, in an interview at the Light Reading Big Communications Event.

HelenHarris78 5/31/2017 | 3:23:41 AM
IT sercuirty Even the most advanced security means nothing if the end user does not care or is not interested in actually protecting their data or hardware.
Mitch Wagner 5/30/2017 | 2:06:15 PM
Re: Guardians I'm reminded of a personal productivity maxim: "try harder" and "you need more willpower" are useless advice. 
Phil_Britt 5/29/2017 | 1:52:58 PM
Re: Guardians It's better to have everyone be guardians of the gate and having multiple protection in some instances than to have holes because of enterprises thinking security is the other company's job.
Michelle 5/29/2017 | 1:31:26 PM
Guardians This is a great snippit of the talk. It's sad, but true --> For years, security folks have been warning the public about security risks and providing information on how to secure personal digital assets.
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