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SlideshowAT&T's Amoroso: Build Botnets of Security

AT&T Chief Security Officer Ed Amoroso
AT&T Chief Security Officer Ed Amoroso

danielcawrey 12/4/2015 | 2:53:55 PM
Re: SDN and security I think this is a pretty interesting idea. I mean, why not implement the technology that the bad guys are using? When it comes to botnets, we all know that's become pretty effective. I don't see why IT security departments wouldn't consider this as an option. 
cnwedit 12/3/2015 | 12:42:21 PM
Re: SDN and security I thought that was one of the things that Amoroso explained pretty well, which was how to get around the complexity issues - because you are right, when things get virtualized and services are chains of VNFs that are stored in different places, keeping all of that secure is a potential nightmare.

But Ed laid out this idea of spinning up just enough virtual security at the time you spin up an instance or workload or whatever and that seems to make a lot of sense to me, at least. He has a way of simplified difficult concepts that makes you think you understand them. 
msilbey 12/3/2015 | 12:39:05 PM
SDN and security I love the idea that SDN could actually improve the security outlook - makes sense in that you can be much more agile about protecting different applications and sets of data in different ways, although the potential complexity strikes me as a challenge. 
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