Radware launches new capabilities to mitigate encrypted DDoS attacks

MAHWAH, NJ – Radware, (NASDAQ: RDWR) a leading provider of cyber security and application delivery solutions, today launched new encrypted protection capabilities as part of its DDoS protection solution.

The new capabilities offer enterprises, carriers, and service providers unmatched protection from SSL DDoS attacks, enabling them to maximize visibility and control, and customize their cyber defense strategies against encrypted DDoS attacks. The advanced capabilities, which are part of Radware's DefensePro and Cloud DDoS Protection Services, include multiple decryptions and mitigation options for a higher level of security. It's now easier to detect and remediate attacks, manage keys, and reduce latency issues without sacrificing user privacy.

The rise in fraud and hacking activities as well as evolving privacy regulations have driven organizations to use HTTPS and encrypted communication as a default communication method. While traffic encryption is important for maintaining security and user privacy, it has also opened the door to a new generation of powerful encrypted DDoS attacks. The attacks simulate seemingly legitimate traffic that overwhelms and degrades destination servers, making them unavailable to human users.

"Traditional SSL attack protection solutions typically offer organizations one option that requires full decryption of all HTTPS packets, which cannot be done at scale, adds constant latency, and requires sharing of certificates,” said Gabi Malka, Radware’s chief operating officer. “Radware’s SSL DDoS protection solution, on the other hand, is more comprehensive and scalable, while providing a higher level of security. It’s built to account for multiple user scenarios, so each organization can tailor its defense strategy based on its unique technology requirements, business priorities, and privacy needs."

Radware's solution includes Keyless SSL Protection, which provides SSL attack detection, characterization, and mitigation without requiring SSL decryption. In addition to Keyless SSL Protection, Radware now delivers additional user options, including Selective Full SSL Protection, which minimizes latency and interruptions to legitimate user sessions by applying decryption only when under attack and only to suspicious sessions.

Radware's SSL DDoS protection solution supports the common versions of SSL and TLS, and protects against all major types of encrypted attacks, including SSL Negotiation Floods, SSL vulnerabilities, HTTPS Floods, and encrypted web attacks. For more information, listen to a webinar entitled "How to Protect from SSL Attacks Without Compromising Your Business."

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