NTT's Bruce Snell on 'wide sweeping ramifications' of Log4j vulnerability

Bruce Snell, VP of security strategy and transformation at NTT Security, returns to the podcast to provide an update on the Log4j vulnerability, potential security threats to the supply chain and highlights from NTT's Global Threat Intelligence Center Monthly Report for December. Snell covers some of the biggest cybersecurity trends of 2021 and has advice for how organizations can better manage and secure their data.

"A vulnerability as core as Apache has huge impact ... If you look at Kaseya this last year and SolarWinds previously – all these things illustrate a bigger issue that's building and will come to heads pretty soon, which is vulnerabilities in the overall supply chain," said Snell.

Early this year, Snell and his colleague David Gray joined the podcast to discuss the Kaseya ransomware attack and why bad actors are increasingly targeting the supply chain.

"It becomes this bigger issue where one small vulnerability – and I don't mean to downplay it by saying 'small,' but if you think about it [Log4j] is one vulnerability in the Apache service – can have huge, wide-sweeping ramifications," he said.

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— Kelsey Kusterer Ziser, Senior Editor, Light Reading

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