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One Buck Chuck! T-Mob User Details Spotted on Dark Web

Following last week's hack of Experian -- the credit agency used by T-Mobile to handle applicant's credit checks -- customer details are now up for sale on the so-called Dark Web.

Irish fraud prevention firm Trustev has spotted customer details up for sale for as little as a dollar, according to VentureBeat. The Dark Web -- sometimes called the Deep Web -- refers to a set of websites with hidden IP addresses that can't be found with a regular browser search.

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The data breach at Experian -- the largest global credit agency -- was revealed on Thursday. Up to 15 million T-Mobile US Inc. customers could be at risk because of the hack. This includes new applicants and other customers that required a credit check between September 1, 2013, and September 16 this year.

Not surprisingly, T-Mobile's CEO, John Legere, said he was "incredibly angry" about the breach over the weekend, as the Financial Times reported. The "un-carrier" is reportedly considering cancelling its contract with Experian.

— Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, Light Reading

KBode 10/14/2015 | 1:24:17 PM
Re: Dark Web "What you don't trust the folks on the dark web?" 

Yes I know, silly of me. I just feel like somebody would have actually tried to obtain the data and check it to confirm. I've not heard any confirmations that this was the data in question since.
kq4ym 10/14/2015 | 1:01:16 PM
Re: Dark Web What you don't trust the folks on the dark web? Who knows what's ultimately going to result fom those stolen records. I haven't heard much so far other than the press releases announcing the theft.
KBode 10/5/2015 | 1:19:47 PM
Dark Web There's a lot of junk on the dark net, how do they know this is T-Mobile Experian data? It doesn't appear that they actually obtained the files to confirm, and the title of the offering is far from specific?
DanJones 10/5/2015 | 1:08:51 PM
Anyone out there affected? Anyone out there affected? Let us know what has happened. Thanks!
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