Jade Communications' subscriber revenue soars with Calix Revenue EDGE

SAN JOSE, Calif. – Less than a year after becoming the first Calix, Inc. (NYSE: CALX) customer to bring the fully managed, connected camera service, Arlo Secure, to its subscribers, Jade Communications is achieving transformational success as a managed service provider. Because of the integrated power of the Calix Revenue EDGE™ platform, broadband service providers (BSPs) like Jade can easily launch Arlo Secure to their subscribers. In a matter of weeks instead of months, BSPs can go to market with a differentiating managed service that simplifies whole-home and small business security. Jade continues to build on a five-year history of using Calix technology to bring world-class managed Wi-Fi to rural southern Colorado. The innovative BSP was an early adopter of the integrated power of the Revenue EDGE platform. Jade launched Arlo Secure, branded as Jade Security, to its subscribers in November 2021 and started receiving orders within the first 10 minutes of going live. Jade Security combines state-of-the-art design from Arlo with fully managed support that simplifies home security from installation to everyday use. In the first two months of offering Jade Security, the BSP upsold 3 percent of its targeted subscriber base to its premium connected camera service. Less than a year later, Jade Security subscribers show a colossal 92 percent increase in average revenue per user (ARPU). Further, 100 percent of Jade Security subscribers are likely to recommend it to friends and family, based on a recent Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey. By offering a fully managed, differentiating service on top of its managed Wi-Fi, Jade is increasing revenue, building durable subscriber loyalty, and winning in highly competitive Colorado markets.

Further, Jade Security is projected to produce a 242 percent two-year return on investment (ROI) for enrolled subscribers. Jade has seen sustained success bringing Arlo Secure to market because it:

  • Targets the right subscribers with multiple managed Jade Security packages to fit their needs. Jade offers two connected camera packages for homes and small businesses: an entry-level "Porch Protection" package for $10 a month and a premium "Whole Home Haven" package with four cameras at $65 a month. To find the right subscribers for each package, Jade uses Calix Marketing Cloud data and analytics to increase engagement across its marketing campaigns. It also leverages the Electronic Content Builder (ECB) and Market Activation Video Editor (MAVE) in the Calix Market Activation Program to roll out beautifully made, customizable marketing materials to advertise Jade Security.
  • Pairs ProtectIQ® with Jade Security to keep subscribers safe from cybercrime. Jade leadership considers privacy an essential human right. So, before launching Jade Security, they added ProtectIQhome network security—another Revenue EDGE managed service—to all managed Wi-Fi packages. As a result, all Jade Security subscribers have top-tier network protection to prevent camera hacking and other digital privacy violations. In the past 30 days, Jade blocked over 35,000 digital threats, including web threats, intrusions, malware, and viruses, from entering subscribers' networks.
  • Ensures a spectacular subscriber experience from installation to everyday use. Because Jade leverages the full power of the Revenue EDGE platform, it has the insights to ensure that Jade Security remains a success once in market. Calix Support Cloud gives its customer service representatives (CSRs) and field technicians end-to-end visibility to make maintenance and subscriber support seamless. Key Jade Security features are also integrated with the personalized Jade Wi-Fi mobile app, built on Calix CommandIQ®. Jade works together with Calix Premier Success, part of Calix Customer Success Services, to assist with organization-wide alignment as it transforms to bring new services to market.

Jade launched 24/7 emergency response in May, with the help of Calix, and was met with very positive subscriber feedback. Hear more about what makes Jade Security a major success at Calix ConneXions 2022, where the BSP's marketing director, Jordan Wehe, will speak about Arlo Secure. Jordan will be joined by an extensive list of visionary broadband leaders sharing their successes with Revenue EDGE managed services.

Read the full press release here.


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