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Eurobites: Grow Some Cyberballs, UK Industry Warned

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: CEOs tell European Commission to hold its nerve on deregulation; Spotify hires four directors as it prepares for possible IPO; Apple's design guru stands up for diversity.

  • The head of the UK's National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has warned company directors that they need to face up to their responsibility for keeping their businesses safe from hackers. As the Daily Telegraph reports, Ciaran Martin told attendees at The Telegraph Cyber Security conference that it is not good enough for them to be "devolving responsibility" for protecting their companies from the likes of the WannaCry ransomware attack, which put a spanner in the works of the UK's National Health Service and caused other chaos worldwide. (See Global Ransomware Attack Strikes 70K Systems (& Counting).)

  • The CEOs of Deutsche Telekom, Orange, BT, Telecom Italia and Telefónica have put their names to a letter warning the European Commission that its attempts to ease off on deregulation are threatening the Commission's dream of a "digital single market." As the Financial Times reports (subscription required), the big-name bosses believe that the proposed amendments to earlier plans could deter investment in fiber and 5G networks.

  • Spotify , Sweden's high-profile music streaming service, has hired four new directors as it prepares for a possible IPO later this year. As the Daily Telegraph reports, the appointments include former Walt Disney exec Tom Staggs and Shishir Mehrotra, previously of YouTube Inc.

  • Jonathan Ive, the Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) design guru responsible for the look and feel of the iPhone and other devices, has hinted that the UK -- which is currently tying itself up in knots over how to tackle its "Brexit" from the European Union -- needs to be more like Silicon Valley and be more open to tech talent from other parts of world. "At Apple we've been very clear about how important it is that we have a diverse pool of talent we can hire from," he told the BBC. (See Eurobites: UK Tech Leaders Close Ranks to Seek Post-Brexit Certainty.)

    — Paul Rainford, Assistant Editor, Europe, Light Reading

  • Joe Stanganelli 5/30/2017 | 10:39:32 PM
    Re: Spotify vs. Apple @Richard: Oh, I didn't know that.  Thanks for the heads up about the availablty there!
    Joe Stanganelli 5/30/2017 | 10:38:58 PM
    Re: Spotify vs. Apple @DanJones: Absolutely.

    Of course, there's also Google Play Music.
    RichardDT2P 5/30/2017 | 2:48:22 PM
    Re: Spotify vs. Apple Good point, though Android app for Apple music is available and as lots of us defect from planet Apple, the music experience is worth keeping. 
    DanJones 5/30/2017 | 11:44:16 AM
    Re: Spotify vs. Apple That still leaves a large potential customer base no? Android users...
    RichardDT2P 5/30/2017 | 9:25:02 AM
    Re: Spotify vs. Apple I'd agree with you Joe - Spotify's place in the sun has come and gone. Apple music makes a better experience now. 
    Joe Stanganelli 5/29/2017 | 9:17:35 PM
    Spotify vs. Apple It seems that Apple potentially offers a far more desirable solution (allowing downloads for offline play) compared to Spotify -- at similar cost.  For iOS users, is Spotify particularly relevant anymore?
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