32% of smart tag owners report tracking someone without their knowledge

DALLAS – New research from Parks Associates reports that 95 million smart tags will be sold in the US in 2027, an increase from almost 16 million in 2022, as consumers use these solutions to track valuables, pets, and even other people. Smart Product Market Assessment: Smart Tags, Personal Trackers, and Asset Protection addresses the emerging market for Bluetooth / wireless trackers and analyzes consumer adoption, usage, and attitudes regarding these tracking solutions. The firm's research shows that in Q1 2022, 8% of US internet households reported owning at least one smart tag and 32% of smart tag owners reported using the device to track another person without that person's knowledge.

Smart Tags Smart Product Market Assessment identifies key market drivers and barriers and assesses the growth of these products, including use cases and user profiles, consumer attitudes and preferences, tracking others using smart tags, and the crossover between home security ownership and smart tag use. Key topics include adoption trends, new technology developments, key and emerging competitors, features offered, barriers to adoption, and consumer security and privacy concerns. This Smart Product Market Assessment also profiles key and emerging players in the Bluetooth / wireless tracker smart tag market.

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Parks Associates

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