Sectarian Ringtones

8:45 AM -- According to the U.K.'s TimesOnLine, Iraqi parliamentarians are tackling the tough questions related to their wireless infrastructure:

    The fragile state of the sectarian divide in Iraqi politics was exposed today when a fight broke out in parliament after a mobile phone ringtone played a Shia Muslim chant.

    A procedural session of the Iraqi parliament was suspended as Shia and Sunni leaders stormed out to protest the ringtone and the subsequent scuffle, which erupted between the armed bodyguards of the Sunni speaker Mahmoud al-Mashhadani and the hardline Shia politician, Gufran al-Saidi.
Trivial stuff, you say? Absurd? Well... perhaps. But I've really got to sympathize with the Mahmoudians here. Used to have a co-worker whose cellphone played "M-m-m-my Sharona." Over and over again. His body has not been found.

— Larry, Attack Monkey, Light Reading

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