Scissors, Lawsuits & Pen Computers

1:15 PM -- Is it just me, or has news been getting stranger and stranger? Some random news links from recent times:

  • New Carry-On Rules Kick In Doesn't this make you feel comfortable: Scissors and small tools are no longer banned from airplanes in the U.S. That's good, because really the inconvenience of me having to leave my tailoring shears in my checked luggage on business trips was outweighing any concern I had for terrorists hijacking my plane.

  • Juniper Sues LR Message Boarders Our story on 's (Nasdaq: JNPR) new lawsuit aiming to stop alleged libelous message board posters is drawing a torrent of message board posts and is already about to become the highest trafficked story on Light Reading for the entire year. Last count: 37,000 hits.

  • This Fly Pen-Top Computer thing. That's right -- another pen computer! What the heck does it do? I've read three articles about it, and I still can't figure it out. As far as I can tell it's a $99 pen that comes with computer games, tiny cameras that watch what you draw, and a language translator? I don't geddit. And neither will my kids.

    This kind of reminds me that gazillionaire Mark Cuban has also helped launched an electronic, wireless-enabled butt-washing toilet. I mean, just 'cause you're really rich and there's lots of technology in the world, does that mean you have license to randomly fund stupid ideas?

    Yeah, it's kind of old news. But check out some of the marketing literature courtesy of the Brondell Inc. Website:
    You walk into your bathroom and sit down on your Swash contoured and comfortably heated toilet seat. When finished, you simply press a button for a posterior or feminine wash and you are met with a warm, aerated water spray.
    Ummm... No thanks.

    — R. Scott Raynovich, Editor in Chief, Light Reading

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