Science Update

1:30 PM -- Women have been struggling for many moons to achieve equal footing among men. They've also kept house and born children while slaying fire-breathing dragons, juggling with jagged knives, etc., etc. Well, finally, their efforts have been rewarded with a scientific study that reveals the uncanny finding that men are, in fact, happier than women. Bravo, science:

    Two new research papers, using very different methods, have both come to this conclusion. Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers, economists at the University of Pennsylvania (and a happy couple), have looked at the traditional happiness data, in which people are simply asked how satisfied they are with their overall lives. In the early 1970s, women reported being slightly happier than men. Today, the two have switched places.

("No more running for the shelter of a mother's little helper...")

    What has changed -- and what seems to be the most likely explanation for the happiness trends -- is that women now have a much longer to-do list than they once did (including helping their ageing parents). They can’t possibly get it all done, and many end up feeling as if they are somehow falling short...

    Mr. Krueger’s data, for instance, shows that the average time devoted to dusting has fallen significantly in recent decades. There haven’t been any dust-related technological breakthroughs, so houses are probably just dirtier than they used to be. I imagine that the new American dustiness affects women’s happiness more than men’s.

Alas, not even a Swiffer can save us now.

— Red Panda, Girls Rule, Boys Drool, Light Reading

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