Save the Kitties!

5:35 PM -- What’s for dinner tonight? Not kitty meat, according to MSNBC:

    Chinese cat lovers mobilized online to save a truck load of cats from the cooking pot, a newspaper reported Tuesday.

Those dang kids on the Internet are always up to no good.

    The standoff happened at a parking lot in a southern suburb of Shanghai. It continued for hours while cat lovers spread word of the incident online, eventually raising $1,320 in donations to buy the whole load.

I can think of a better purchase... Chinese food for everyone!

    They now hope to place them in homes after posting their pictures and profiles on the Internet.

    "They were so frightened," the report quoted one of the rescuers, Huo Puyang, as saying.

    "Some bit people when they tried to let them out of the boxes. Some still hide in dark corners and will not come out for food," Huo said.

Well, Huo, that’s not going to make for a very appealing online profile... "Introverted, anorexic kitty with a love for sinking teeth into human flesh and dwelling in the darkness seeks home." Me-yow, no thanks.

— Red "Friend, Not Food," Panda, Light Reading

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