Sandvine Launches New Broadband Security Aid

Sandvine Inc. has rolled out a new security system to help broadband providers fend off increasingly sophisticated and evasive service attacks. The Canadian vendor said the system, known as the Network Security Suite, will help service providers root out and isolate all types of harmful traffic on their broadband data networks, including worms, spam trojan, domain name service (DNS) and denial-of-service attacks. In particular, Sandvine officials said the system will help service providers defend against malicious and accidental attacks from within their subscriber base. With these kinds of attacks on the rise, Sandvine executives argue that residential broadband networks are more vulnerable to such inside assaults than service attacks from outside their networks, especially as they start to offer such cutting-edge services as voice-over-IP (VoIP) and online gaming. The new security system combines Sandvine's 8210 policy traffic switch with attack traffic migration software and security operations software.

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