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SAIC May Sell Telcordia

There's been growing evidence that changes are afoot at Telcordia Technologies Inc. Is a sale one of them?

If you don't think something's up, take a look at Telcordia's more recent adjustments: It's tinkered with a more standards-friendly posture, the pursuit of a wireless strategy, and strategic acquisitions of OSS vendors. It's also ditched its conference business and sued some of its largest customers for patent infringement. (See Telcordia Opens Up, Telcordia Shells Out at Last, Telcordia Pockets Patent Payment, Telcordia Dumps Tradeshow, and Telcordia: Buy Buy or Bye Bye.)

Indeed, now Telcordia's parent, Science Applications International Corp. (SAIC), may be tiring of it all. It has put the company on the auction block, according to a report in TheDeal.com.

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— Phil Harvey, News Editor, Light Reading

stephenpcooke 12/5/2012 | 1:25:49 AM
re: SAIC May Sell Telcordia This has been the question that much of the industry has thought about over the last several years... What would happen if Telcordia was sold? When SAIC took over Bellcore it was a big non-event as SAIC had extremely little in the way of telecom presence. What will happen to OSMINE if the company is sold? It seems a bit like a circular argument, for OSMINE to gain revenue again there has to be a significant telecom recovery, but OSMINE is one of the biggest single inhibitors of a telecom market recovery...

Their reputation is horrible thanks to the incredible gauging that they accomplished during the bubble as well as before and after. The OSS is completely out of date technically, both software-wise and network technology-wise, so who is going to carry on writing code and supporting it? Most software developers wouldn't touch it with a 10-foot barge pole.

Trying to integrate any existing Telcordia business units into a competitive, for-profit company would be a nightmare of the worst degree. Probably the only thing at all interesting to a potential suitor would be the Intellectual Property.

Here is a question that I hope that someone can answer: Who is going to be the repository of standards once Telcordia is sold? This part of the business has not been doing well for quite some time and would most likely be trashed by any buyer. Will North America-based telecom standards be abandoned in this case in favour of the ITU?

NMSgoddess 12/5/2012 | 1:25:48 AM
re: SAIC May Sell Telcordia Alas, I fear that OSMINE will never disappear as long as TIRKS and NMA exists.

The only way to reduce OSMINE is to open the interfaces and allow systems integrators to bid and offer competition to OSMINE.

Wouldn't be interesting if the Bells decided buy it OSMINE back under a seperate corporation. LOL.

Then again, maybe it will be fun for each phone company to have its own proprietary interfaces. Oh wait a minute...it's that way already!

NMSgoddess- Note to my buddies-I'm back from my 6 months in India! - drop a line.
FinBurger 12/5/2012 | 1:25:37 AM
re: SAIC May Sell Telcordia A couple months ago, SAIC froze the pension plan at Telcordia. Just another way that they are grooming it for disposal.
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