Sadness on Demand

1:00 AM -- Oooh, Look! More hard to find content…

From The Philter's "I don't know what to make of this" file, a new desktop TV service announcement that ties together the following three items -– 24-hour Arabic news, one of the guys behind New Coke, and free footage of the World Trade Center attacks:

Broadband Television Network Corp. today announced the company has launched its Tvext(TM) Internet TV service (www.tvext.tv) offering a suite of narrowcast channels with specialized news and entertainment video content - delivered via a proprietary desktop application that makes viewing easy and enjoyable.

Tvext will be the first Internet TV service to offer programs from Dubai-based Al Arabiya, the 24-hour news channel from Middle East Broadcasting Corporation (MBC), which in a few short years has earned an international reputation for providing credible and balanced coverage of the region. Tvext will carry selected Al Arabiya programming in Arabic and, soon, with English subtitles. The content agreement with Al Arabiya exemplifies Tvext's emphasis on unique, hard-to-find video content. Tvext is launching with two Al Arabiya programs and will add more in the coming days and weeks…

Consumers can download, free of charge, the company's proprietary, patent-pending software application - called Tvext Desktop TV - to help locate, manage and view content…

Tvext programming includes such topics as food, chess, golf, cricket and automobiles. New content will be added continually in the coming weeks and months…

Wouldn't it be a hoot if they launched a show that covered all of the above topics? "It's the Checkmate Chef, Live from Augusta National, where we're taking Cricket lessons and tricking out a Hummer H3!"

Actually, that was stupid. Back to the announcement:

The company was founded by entrepreneur Trevor Cornwell, who serves as president and chief executive officer. Sergio Zyman, founder of the Zyman Group and formerly chief marketing officer of The Coca-Cola Company, chairs its board of directors…

Special Preview: Moving Images That Moved Our World

As a special offer for the launch of Tvext, during the month of April consumers can view - for free - a selection of historic news clips from ITN Archive, one of the largest commercial film and video news archives in the world. After downloading the free Tvext Desktop TV application, consumers can watch such footage as the Apollo 11 moon landing, the World Trade Center attack, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech and the fall of the Berlin Wall. The clips chosen are representative of historical events that were made even more moving or influential because they were captured on film and video.

"Tvext and ITN Archive are giving people the opportunity to view moving images of the past in the format of the future," said Cornwell.

What an opening gambit, eh? Sign up now and we'll give you access to hours of unprecedented tragedy, right there on your desktop. Why not hook 'em up with some SkyJet miles or something fun?

— Phil Harvey, Desktop Video Editor, Light Reading

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