Sad Sports News

12:45 PM -- Another sport, sad to say, is in need of a cleanup. lep.co.uk has the shocking story:

    Random drugs tests are to be introduced to the World Pie Eating Championships.

    The internationally-famous culinary annual showdown, which takes place this year at Harry's Bar in Wigan, Greater Manchester, on Tuesday, December 15. It is billed as "Pie Noon"...

It seems contestants have been juicing themselves with prohibited lubricants, chiefly "cough mixture." As a measure of how serious the problem has become, the highest-tech efforts are being instituted:

    "We'll be putting a couple of big blokes on the door to search pockets randomly for cough mixture."
Pretty much the same system, then, that's used in the Tour de France.

— Larry, Attack Monkey, Light Reading

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