Rupert's Space.com?

3:30 PM -- There's a kerfuffle going on in cyberspace about who exactly owns the rights to music and images that users post on their MySpace pages.

Some people are arguing that the terms and conditions of MySpace give Rupert Murdoch's Fox/News Corp. empire, which bought the site for $580 million back in July 2005, the right to use MySpace subscribers' original images, music, and videos without paying them a red cent -- at least for as long as that content is posted on the site.

Others say the T&Cs are just standard boilerplate that would create huge lawsuits if Fox actually started using subscriber content for free. It's notable that the media giant recently altered the MySpace terms to address some reported user complaints. A previous version of the document gave News Corp. rights to use copies of the content even if it had been removed from the MySpace server by the user.

I suspect, however, that this is just the start of these kind of "who owns what" debates. MySpace has effectively become the de facto showcase for would-be musicians and other artistic types to bring their work to a much wider audience than they could have hoped to reach by themselves.

Just the place for the unscrupulous to find the next big idea -- and claim it as their own.

— Dan Jones, Site Editor, Unstrung

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