2:30 PM -- Don't just sit there like a bump on a log. Do your family a favor and read The Philter today. It's made from all natural ingredients. It's lightweight and compact. And it won't break your budget the way ordinary telecom media blogs will.

Now in its 17th month and with more than 11 million posts*, The Philter is proving that not just anyone can start a blog. Sure lots of people out there think you'll want to read what they're writing, but they don't have Internet access AND a computer.

No one but The Philter staff has the considerable financial resources and technical expertise required to keep a computer running all day and all night. And that's why The Philter beats the competition hands down.

Go on, you know you can't resist. Try The Philter for yourself today at no charge. We've even created The Philter's own RSS feed so you can get your Philter Phix at home, at the office, or even in your car, while you're taking those good-for-nothing kids of yours to choir practice.

The Philter, now with its own RSS feed: If you don't read it, we're going to wish you had.

— Phil Harvey, Shameless Self-Promotion Editor, Light Reading

* Total number of posts calculated by picking, at random, a very large number, but not too large a number so that it would sound like it was picked at random.

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