RPR Alliance Sets Goals

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- The Resilient Packet Ring Alliance (RPRA), a non-profit corporation promoting the standardization of resilient packet ring (RPR) technology, today formally announced its long-term goals, strategy and mission. RPR is a new data-oriented ring technology that addresses the bandwidth limitations resulting from growing traffic in carrier networks. The Alliance will provide input on the market and technology dynamics impacting RPR technology to the IEEE 802.17 working group that will formalize the RPR standard. RPR will provide a resilient data link layer optimized for data traffic for optical networks used in LANs, MANs, and WANs and standardization of the technology will ensure that all products developed in accordance with the standard will be compatible and interoperable.

“Traffic on today’s MANs and WANs is exploding at exponential rates, and the requirement for these networks to accommodate high-volume packet data is also increasing,” said Robert Love, chairman of the RPR Alliance. “The networking industry needs a carrier-class, data-optimized solution that is low cost, highly scalable and addresses the critical bandwidth dilemma that all equipment vendors, carriers and users are encountering. The IEEE working group’s RPR standard is the solution that will meet these challenges. It is a unique layer 2 technology that is optimized for MANs and WANs. Also, it leverages the Ethernet’s physical layer as well as the rich resiliency capabilities of SONET.”

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