SDN architectures

Riverbed Intros ADC-as-a-Service

SAN FRANCISCO -- Riverbed Technology (NASDAQ: RVBD), the application performance company, today announced an industry game-changer -- a new platform enabling any customer to deliver application delivery controller-as-a-service (ADCaaS) with the Stingray® Services Controller. This new product will automate the deployment of application delivery services for any network architecture including software defined networking (SDN). Typically, ADCs have been deployed in a network-centric model of "one application per ADC box" or where a shared ADC infrastructure must support the demands of multiple applications. With the Stingray Services Controller, Riverbed makes possible an "ADC per application" deployment model. This directly addresses the evolving application and data center architectures, workflows, and operations models that call for a next generation ADC architecture that can remove today's bottlenecks, delivering improved agility, high levels of automation, and quicker time-to-service. Riverbed's ADCaaS enabling technology now gives cloud providers and enterprises deploying in the private cloud the ability to provision, scale, and deploy their ADC as needed. "Riverbed's Stingray Services Controller and the Joyent high-performance cloud will enable our customers to provision, license, and scale ADC services in a very easy, agile, and cost effective way," said Jason Hoffman, founder and chief technology officer, Joyent. "This ground-breaking, high-performance approach maps to our DNA and will enable us to deploy and manage ADCs in a truly elastic cloud delivery model." Riverbed Technology Inc.

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