Reptile-Free Bangers

11:30 AM -- Today, as a public service, we bring you two truth-in-advertising stories, the first from London's Times Online:

    A SPICY sausage known as the Welsh Dragon will have to be renamed after trading standards’ officers warned manufacturers that they could face prosecution because it does not contain dragon.

    The sausages will now have to be labelled Welsh Dragon Pork Sausages to avoid any confusion among customers...

    Jon Carthew, 45, who makes the sausages, said yesterday that he had not received any complaints about the absence of real dragon meat...
Note to "trading standards’ officers": Tetley Tea contains no tetley, and Callard & Bowser pastilles have only the merest trace of bowser.

And this from the LA Times Website:

    Peanut butter is made from peanuts, tomato paste is made from tomatoes, and guacamole is made from avocados, right?

    Wrong. The guacamole sold by Kraft Foods Inc., one of the bestselling avocado dips in the nation, includes modified food starch, hefty amounts of coconut and soybean oils, and a dose of food coloring. The dip contains precious little avocado, but many customers mistake it for wholly guacamole.

    On Wednesday, a Los Angeles woman sued the Northfield, Ill.-based food company, alleging that it committed fraud by calling its dip "guacamole." Her lawyer says suits against other purveyors of "fake guacamole" could be filed soon...

    If consumers read the fine print, they would discover that Kraft Dips Guacamole contains less than 2% avocado...
That's a good start. Now, if we could get Kraft to stop labeling its vulcanized latex sandwich slabs as "cheese"...

— Larry, Attack Monkey, Light Reading

sfwriter 12/5/2012 | 3:33:22 AM
re: Reptile-Free Bangers re: "Now, if we could get Kraft to stop labeling its vulcanized latex sandwich slabs as "cheese"..."

Kraft actually gets around that fact that there is very little cheese in those slabs by labeling it "cheese food". Tasty.
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