Report: Verizon Bidding on Clearwire Spectrum

Deals to acquire more spectrum in the U.S. are reaching a fever pitch this spring. The latest has Verizon Wireless bidding up to $1.5 billion to lease 2.6GHz of spectrum from Clearwire. The Wall Street Journal cites unnamed sources saying Big Red is interested in expanding its broadband spectrum depth in major markets with Clearwire. A deal would put an extra twist in the already complicated merger deals swirling around Clearwire's majority owner, Sprint Nextel Inc., and Clearwire itself. As things stand, Sprint is trying to close a merger with Japan's SoftBank Mobile and buy out the whole of Clearwire. (See Clearwire Inching Towards Sprint Deal? and DoJ Could Stall Sprint-SoftBank Deal.) All of this is complicated by Monday's $25.5 billion bid from Dish Networks L.L.C to merge with Sprint. Dish has already made its own bid to get access to Clearwire's spectrum. (See Dish Bids $25.5B for Sprint.) — Dan Jones, Site Editor, Light Reading Mobile

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