Remember 'Paperless Offices'?

6:00 PM -- It's funny, it just occurred to me this afternoon -- sitting here in the beautiful sunshine of our plush NYC digs -- I haven't heard anyone use the term "paperless office" for a long, long time. Maybe five years or so.

Quite possibly because they'd be laughed out of the room. Despite all the advances in wireless technology and electronic data transmission, we (and that includes me and probably you as well) seem to be using as much paper as ever.

The main office printer is located right behind my desk and whirrs into life every few minutes to push out another expensive bundle of pristine bleached sheets, which often sit unread for hours. I'm sure the same situation applies for most of the people reading this, too.

I wonder what it will take to break our paper addiction? I mean, I know people are reading more stuff online, and -- slowly -- more documents are getting transmitted and authorized electronically. I get the sense though that people still feel it isn't really real until it's on paper. — Dan Jones, Site Editor, Unstrung

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