ZTE's New Hire Doesn't Inspire

Oh, so your company has hired a Trump associate to help fix its problems on Capitol Hill?


Good luck with that, ZTE Corp. (Shenzhen: 000063; Hong Kong: 0763) Everyone in the US knows someone who has never voted for Joe Lieberman, so you've definitely won in the name recognition game.

— Phil Harvey, US News Editor, Light Reading

sandnetguy 1/9/2019 | 9:45:32 PM
Bye bye light reading I have subscribed to your emails and have read a lot of Light Reading's articles over the years.  I read your articles for subject matter related to carrier, carrier technology, etc.

However, it seems now like you have an editor who is inserting his political views into what was a great industry newsletter.  I really don't need politically slanted content from Light Reading.  Its not what I come here for.

"One of Trump's swamp creatures pledges to help ZTE repair its image problem in the US."

Really?  "Trump's swamp creatures"

And this entire thread of replies from Mr. Harvey just exudes arrogance.  I really truly do not care about different political opinions, however, what Mr. Harvey has demonstrated to me in his responses is that I can no longer rely on Light Reading staying objective in reporting industry news and events with him as the Editor.

His response:
"Also, it was, indeed, a professional post; I am still being paid to work here. :)"

Smiley face or not, is just snarky and obnoxious.  Just because you are paid does not mean that what you wrote was professional OR contextually relevant.  Get over your paycheck and yourself Mr. Harvey.  This is Light Reading and not CNN.

So after more than a decade of being a loyal reader I am saying farewell and getting my industry news from a difference source.
Phil Harvey 1/7/2019 | 7:45:15 PM
Re: Perplexed On your first point, I'll clarify: Lieberman is lobbying for ZTE while he's at a law firm that also handles Trump's personal business. That makes him a perceived associate of Trump, or someone who can get Trump's attention, if needed or paid enough.

On your second point, I can imagine a lot of people. I'm a visual person. It's a gift.

To your third point, I don't care about Connecticut politics. Based on his previous national political endeavors, everyone knows someone who wouldn't vote for him is a reasonable (if sharply worded) approximation of his popularity.   

chechaco 1/7/2019 | 7:05:29 PM
Re: Perplexed Firstly, your characterization of former US Senator, candidate for Vice President from the Democratic Party Joseph Lieberman as "Trump associate" is appalling and offending.

Secondly, Joe Lieberman earned respect and support of many people, far more than you can imagine.

And lastly, I have to wonder if your obvious resentment towards Mr.Lieberman can be explained by the fact that he left the Democratic Party and still won the senatorial race?
Phil Harvey 1/5/2019 | 11:40:29 AM
Re: Perplexed I'm pointing out a bit of political theater/clumsy stage management involving a significant telecom vendor and such observations are within the bounds of our coverage.

Also, it was, indeed, a professional post; I am still being paid to work here. :)


chechaco 1/4/2019 | 10:26:18 PM
Perplexed Turning the Lightreading into political pulpit? Please, let's stay professional. And civil too.
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