Trump's Impact on Telecom Still Uncertain

It's not very clear what impact Donald Trump's surprising ascendancy to the US presidency will have on the telecom sector and on technology in general, although they will certainly be affected by general economic performance under his watch.

The one clear Trump target during the campaign -- he called net neutrality an attack on the Internet -- could be at risk under his Federal Communications Commission (FCC) , but it doesn't seem to be high on the Trump agenda.

As noted by Light Reading and others, Trump said very little during the campaign about telecom policy or about how he would address things such as the broadband gap, research and development funding or the need for skilled workers. (See Trump's Telecom Policy? Who Knows?)

He has called for a cybersecurity review, to determine vulnerabilities in the US infrastructure, and establish a defense, but hasn't said much about how he'll provide that protection.

He has also railed against the proposed AT&T acquisition of Time Warner, promising to block the deal and other mega-mergers, particularly in the media business. (See Trump: Dump AT&T/TW & Comcast/NBC.)

In the wake of Trump's election, a couple of tech issues rose immediately. The Canadian immigration website crashed as US votes were being counted and it became apparent Trump would win, as noted in this BBC report. Stock futures, the US dollar and European markets all reacted negatively to the news, though there was small bounce-back after Trump's acceptance speech.

There is concern that research funding and the science community in general will suffer under a Trump administration, as this Ars Technica report notes.

More than likely, the telecom and tech sectors are going to have to play the same waiting game as the rest of the US economy as the reality of a Trump administration takes hold and it becomes clearer what some of his plans for the future are, and who some of his advisers will be.

— Carol Wilson, Editor-at-Large, Light Reading

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tariqul91 12/2/2016 | 4:02:44 AM
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Director46894 11/11/2016 | 3:03:57 PM
Re: The Donald Oops - got that one point backwards.

It's a recession when your neighbour loses their job abd a depression when you lose yours.
Director46894 11/10/2016 | 3:11:48 PM
Re: The Donald Joe - Have you ever heard the difference between a recession and a depression?

It's not the economic answer you expected 2 QTRS etc.. - its a depression when your neighbour loses their job, its a recession when you lose yours.

It's all relative - whether you are working at McDonalds, have 2 or 3 jobs or just said screw it and dropped out - the end effect is demoralizing and very likey leads to all kinds of problems. Like bankruptcy, povery level living, loss of home etc...

Thats all I was trying to say.
Joe Stanganelli 11/9/2016 | 4:19:59 PM
Re: The Donald @alan: The thing to remember about unemployment/underemployment stats in this country is that they the BLS's data are based strictly on people who are actively searching for work.

At no time in history, however, has participation in the job market among adults been his low.

In effect, many people have dropped out of the job market because of how tough it is out there.

Unemployment is down?  These days, that's more a commentary on the number of people who have given up hope than it is on the number of new jobs created and filled.
mendyk 11/9/2016 | 2:37:58 PM
Re: The Donald We're good in general as long as we don't see any mushroom clouds. But the re-legitimization of all sorts of nasty "isms" is going to affect a lot of good people in a bad way.
alangonchar 11/9/2016 | 1:52:04 PM
Re: The Donald Brooks7 - Ditto (but I'm Canadian - so observing) and agree 100% that the middle class has become much more bitter/angry/scared/unemployed than I thought they were (they have the right to be) in the USA and UK and also Canada, that we had better fix this now while we still can.

There will also be opportunities to come out of this whole mess and spotting them and taking action is probably the best way to look at this. I'm talking societal and business.
brooks7 11/9/2016 | 12:54:58 PM
Re: The Donald I am no fan of Trump and am very surprised he won.  But in my lifetime the country has survived:  The Kennedy Assassination, Vietnam, Watergate, the Iran Hostages, 9/11 and so much more.   I think we can survive another President.  Clearly there was massively underestimated anger in a segment of the populace both in the UK and the US.  Maybe focus on understanding that and what it means?


alangonchar 11/9/2016 | 11:40:50 AM
The Donald Regardless - What he may do or not do and he has plenty to keep him busy - the only common point I agree with is that Huawei is toast for 4 years in the USA.

So that marketshare is up for grabs by the agressive who have the right intelligence and will start moving today!
mendyk 11/9/2016 | 10:45:31 AM
Re: The Impact The Wheeler era has ended. Anything done now can be undone. Time to write more books.
alanbreznick 11/9/2016 | 10:30:36 AM
Re: The Brit perspective Yep, Huawei may as well p[ack it in in the U.S. for the rest of the decade. Presidential campaigns will never be the same agan. And I agree that what happens with telecom will be relatively unimportant.
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