Regional Telcos Taking on Video Too

The Baby Bells aren't the only phone companies hawking satellite TV service these days. Other regional telcos are also getting into the act. Take Alltel, a midsized phone company that inked a deal Tues. to start selling EchoStar's Dish Network service to its residential customers this summer. Alltel, which offers wireline phone service in 15 states, said it would offer Dish Network as part of a discounted bundle on a single bill. Alltel's move follows a similar plunge into the satellite TV business by CenturyTel late last year. Like Alltel, CenturyTel signed a deal with EchoStar to promote Dish Network service to its phone customers. CenturyTel, the eighth largest telco in the U.S., also agreed to invest $25 million in EchoStar.
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