Recovery Act: The Stimulus Index

The deadline for applying for the first $4 billion of broadband stimulus money has come and gone, and a number of companies and groups have announced bids.

Unstrung has compiled an initial list of companies and groups that have applied for funds. Where possible we've included how much they asked for, how the money would be used, and the funding program to which the companies have applied.

This is clearly not a comprehensive list. Some operators and groups haven't announced bids yet, while the first-round winners won't be unveiled until September at the earliest. We invite readers to send in any updates they think applicable, and we'll add them to the table. Please send email updates to [email protected].

Table 1: Broadband Stimulus Applicants
Company/Group Amount Project Areas Program
360networks TBA Fiber optic network Western US TBA
Champion WiFi $2.7M City WiFi network Monrovia, CA. BTOP
Clearwire TBA Mobile WiMax TBA TBA
Cricket Communications $8.6M High-speed wireless Internet access Multiple Cities TBD
DigitalBridge $100M WiMax TBA TBA
ERF Wireless $20M Rural WiMax LA, TX TBA
Internet America Inc TBA Fixed Wireless Rural Texas BTOP/BIP
KeyOn Corp. $150M WiMax network Nationwide BIP
Level 3 Comms. Less than $50M Improving amplifier stations Kan., Tenn. TBD
National Medical Wireless Broadband Alliance TBD Wireless medical networks 70 U.S. hospitals BTOP
OpenCape $40M Fiber optic network Mass., NE BTOP
SkyTerra Comms $37M Develop 700 Mhz public safety devices N/A BTOP
TDS Telecom TBD Wireline 13 U.S. states BIP
TowerStream Corp. $120M WiMax 17 underserved metro areas BTOP
WildBlue Comms $30M Satellite broadband Ariz., Colo., Wyom. BTOP
Xfone TBD Wireline TBD TBD
Yonder Media $9.4M Internet access in remote areas Nev., Calif. TBD
BIP Broadband Initiatives Program
BTOP Broadband Technology Opportunities Program
TBA To Be Announced
TBD To Be Determined
Sources: Unstrung, Cable Digital News, Business Week

In this first round of funding, there's about $2.4 billion available under the rural Broadband Initiatives Program (BIP) for deploying broadband in the boondocks. Meanwhile, up to $1.6 billion is available in the Broadband Technologies Initiative Program (BTOP), which is intended to promote new broadband technology in unserved and underserved communities.

Overall, $7.6 billion will be paid out under the broadband element of the Recovery Act. Of this, up to $4.7 billion is due to be paid out under BTOP funding by the end of September 2010. The next rounds are expected to get underway in the spring and fall of 2010. (See Recovery Act: Bids Come In.)

States and cities such as NYC and Philadelphia were also expected to make bids for funds. Unstrung will create a separate chart for those bids if and when more data is available.

— Dan Jones, Site Editor, Unstrung

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