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Reader Poll Predictions 2005

So, what do you, the readers, think will be big in wireless in 2005?

Well, 177 of you stepped up and told us in December's poll: 2005 Market Forecast. And, in general, things are on the up and up. Most respondents seem to think that next year will be a good year for wireless in general. 58 percent of you are cautiously optimistic about prospects for the wireless business in 2005. And a sizeable minority (34 percent) are even bullish about the prospects for next year.

Those that answered the poll are fairly evenly split over which areas of wireless technology will see the most growth next year. 33 percent say wireless LAN and 31 percent each say 3G cellular networks and metro area technology, such as mesh networking and WiMax.

44 percent expect voice over wireless LAN to be the hot application for 802.11 in 2005. While 32 percent of respondents see the deployment of 3G radio networks and the introduction of more high-speed data enhancements as key for cellular technology in 2005.

Meanwhile, 802.11 mesh networks are seen as the hot ticket for metropolitan area applications in 2005, while rival technology WiMax gets the Fat Turkey award.

— Dan Jones, Site Editor, Unstrung

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