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Raza Goes Micro

Turns out it was true: Venture capitalist Atiq Raza has founded a chip company, Raza Microelectronics Inc. (RMI).

RMI is a project of Foundries Holdings Inc., the company formerly known as Raza Foundries Inc. (RFI) (see Raza Raises Fast Cash). The creation of Foundries Holdings and RMI apparently happened sometime after March 2003, which is when Atiq Raza told Light Reading that speculation about RMI's existence was "wrong" (see Headcount: Tell It Like It Is and Headcount: Give Me Liberty).

RMI's only overt move came in July when it acquired SandCraft Inc., a microprocessor startup funded by RFI. SandCraft's XL7000 series of chips was already shipping at the time, and RMI is continuing development on the chips, according to its Website.

Sources say RMI also had aspirations on a Gigabit Ethernet switch chip, based on technology from RFI-funded SiSilk Networks, and a Sonet chip. Both have been cancelled, sources say, but Raza denies this in the case of the Sonet chip, saying in an email, "We have not cancelled any Sonet program."

Raza would not comment on the supposed Gigabit Ethernet chip or on the status of SiSilk's technology.

But he notes that RMI's ambitions extend beyond just SandCraft, which "will be a small part of our product portfolio." Details will have to be left to the imagination. "We are not making any public announcements on our company and its products other than the products that are in shipment on our Website," Raza writes.

RMI parent Foundry Holdings has two other "partner companies" listed on its Website. One, named CQOS, claims to enhance "IP service quality through carrier-grade measurement technology." CQOS doesn't appear to have a Website of its own.

The other is Lambda Optical Systems Corp., an RFI-backed optical switch startup formerly known as Firstwave Secure Intelligent Optical Networks Inc. Following a touchy period including some labor complaints from former employees, Firstwave emerged as Lambda Optical, with funding from Sevin Rosen Funds and ComVentures. (See Firstwave's Lost Pay, VCs to Revive Firstwave, and Firstwave Given Second Wind.)

— Craig Matsumoto, Senior Editor, Light Reading

chipsischips 12/5/2012 | 2:04:22 AM
re: Raza Goes Micro When you put a bunch of dogs together, what you get is kennel. Enough said as to the chance of success of this one.
Stevery 12/5/2012 | 2:04:16 AM
re: Raza Goes Micro When you put a bunch of dogs together, what you get is kennel.

Has anyone saved a list of the previous names from the kennel?

desikar 12/5/2012 | 2:04:16 AM
re: Raza Goes Micro chipsischips wrote:
"When you put a bunch of dogs together, what you get is kennel."

The above statement is as unclear as the strategy of Raza Foundries. And there seems to be the promise of more information - care to comment?


TarraTarra! 12/5/2012 | 2:01:26 AM
re: Raza Goes Micro
Atiq is known to be a wiley fox, so he is sure to have something up his sleeve. SiSilk is into Switch Fabrics while Sandcraft is into processors, wonder what is brewing. Anyone know what raza micro is up to?

gestapo 12/5/2012 | 1:54:55 AM
re: Raza Goes Micro stay away from this guy. he blew $90M from individual investors for his Raza Venture Fund. Then he raises $12M from his EMPLOYEES at Raza Foundries and blows that money. He raised over $200M for Raza Foundries. He sells trash company like Yuni to AMCC for over $250M (where he sat on the Board of Directors). He sells Pacific Broadband for $200M that Juniper has to shut down in a few months after acquisition.
Then he buys his dogs in the kennel-capital, RMI and suckers the Pincus guys to invest tens of millions of dollars.
Wow - I am left admiring this vapor sales-man.
ex1stWave 12/5/2012 | 1:07:30 AM
re: Raza Goes Micro

hey i use to work for 1st Wave Optical as a
senior software engineer... the place is really foul
Abdella VP of SW engineering .... changed the name
of the company no less than four times ..... either
to repackage himself to yet another venture capital
company or to escape from bad product design ...
its a mess
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