Radware/F5 Cookie Lawsuit Crumbles

It’s all kiss and make up (well, almost) between application switching firm Radware Ltd. (Nasdaq: RDWR) and F5 Networks Inc. (Nasdaq: FFIVaa), as the two companies today settled one of their outstanding lawsuits.

F5 brought the lawsuit back in March 2003, contending that Radware had infringed its U.S patent number 6,473,802, a method for storing load balancing information with cookie technology.

Not surprisingly, the two rivals are keeping the exact terms of the agreement under wraps, although they did confirm that Radware will now take a non-exclusive license of the F5 patent. This means that Radware receives the right to use the technology in return for an “undisclosed fee.”

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— James Rogers, Site Editor, Next-Gen Data Center Forum

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