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Proxim 's Management Mambo

Enterprise wireless LAN vendor Proxim Corp. (Nasdaq: PROX) has updated its 802.11 software and hardware to add management features for the day-to-day running of larger networks and offer increased security and voice support with its new AP-700 access point.

On the management side, Proxim has launched the ORiNOCO smart wireless suite to handle site survey, RF management, and automatic software distribution over the air, among other tasks.

Proxim is using software from its partners, Ekahau Inc. and Wavelink Corp., for the suite (see Proxim, Wavelink Team on WLAN).

Features like RF management and site survey capabilities may seem old hat to those who have been following the development of the wireless LAN switch market. But as Ben Gibson, VP of marketing at Proxim, notes, his company's new software works with a broad swath of third-party enterprise access points, not just Proxim's own boxes.

Gibson is also keen to talk up the labor-saving possibilities of Proxim's kitchen -- er, wireless LAN of the future.

Specifically, Gibson says that the ability to "push" software, such as anti-virus updates -- makes the network manager's job easier. "Obviously this saves immeasurable amounts of time for them," he says.

Meanwhile, Proxim's new AP-700 access point is a multimode box that adds support for the 802.11i security standard and "a draft-compliant" version of the 802.11e QOS specification, which is important for voice-over-WLAN applications.

— Dan Jones, Site Editor, Unstrung

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