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BroadStream CEO Bolts
The Philter  | 
3/31/2006  |  Post a comment
BroadStream's got a new boss.
What's Next for TelecomNext?
News Analysis  | 
3/31/2006  |  Post a comment
Show organizers say the show was a success, but attendees are less sure of the value in yet another show
Telemedicine Man
The Philter  | 
3/31/2006  |  Post a comment
Paging Doctor Hologram. Paging Doctor Hologram.
LR Shakes Up Private Companies List
News Analysis  | 
3/31/2006  |  Post a comment
Four new faces debut on the list and four more hit the floor as LR updates one of its most talked about Top Tens
The Philter Index
The Philter  | 
3/31/2006  |  Post a comment
Often inebriated. Never duplicated.
Entrisphere Confirms Sprint Win
News Analysis  | 
3/31/2006  |  5 comments
Broadband access vendor says it has won certification to sell gear inside of Sprint's wireline affiliates
Packet Creek Runs Deep
The Philter  | 
3/28/2006  |  Post a comment
Dinner. Dancing. How 'bout some hot InterPlay?
RBOCs Wait & See on P2P
News Analysis  | 
3/28/2006  |  5 comments
P2P traffic may be on the rise, but some of the biggest phone companies in the US aren't worried (yet)
Vegas Outtakes, Part III
The Philter  | 
3/27/2006  |  3 comments
Like an SNL sketch, I don't know when to stop.
Vegas Outtakes, Part II
The Philter  | 
3/27/2006  |  Post a comment
Yet again, more Vegas photos.
Vegas Outtakes
The Philter  | 
3/27/2006  |  Post a comment
More photos from lovely Las Vegas.
TelecomNext: In Pictures
News Analysis  | 
3/27/2006  |  1 comment
There's nothing more distracting than working a tradeshow in Vegas. Not that we're complaining
Snacking Good Times
The Philter  | 
3/22/2006  |  3 comments
Telecom or snack food vendor?
Lucent to Spend $207M for Riverstone
News Analysis  | 
3/22/2006  |  17 comments
Lucent wins Riverstone bankruptcy auction with $207M bid over Ericsson
In Limbo
The Philter  | 
3/21/2006  |  Post a comment
Need confusion? On the go? Try Limbo!
Boo-Hoo Ma Bell
The Philter  | 
3/21/2006  |  2 comments
Just call her Ma Sensitive.
RBOCs to Vendors: More Nines, Please
News Analysis  | 
3/21/2006  |  3 comments
Consolidating carriers are more demanding than ever, as noted at a TelecomNEXT CTO panel
Glenn Britt Keynote
The Philter  | 
3/20/2006  |  Post a comment
No one is standing still.
Predatory PR
The Philter  | 
3/20/2006  |  1 comment
His name is Ryan Fitzgerald.
Broadband BlahBlahBlah
The Philter  | 
3/20/2006  |  1 comment
A little something for the broadband time capsule.
A Shock Suit
The Philter  | 
3/17/2006  |  Post a comment
Howard Stern makes a shocking salary.
The Philter  | 
3/16/2006  |  3 comments
VOIP is all about the bare midriff.
Juniper Drops Message Board Suit
News Analysis  | 
3/15/2006  |  22 comments
Court document shows the company has backed down from its suit of ten Light Reading message board users
Sprint: Still Going Beyond 3G
LR Mobile News Analysis  | 
3/15/2006  |  Post a comment
Says its next-gen mobile network plans are running smoothly and it expects to reach 30M people by 2011
Sprint: Still Going Beyond 3G
News Analysis  | 
3/14/2006  |  1 comment
Sprint says its next-gen mobile network plans are running smoothly and it expects to reach 30M people by 2011
Voice Data
The Philter  | 
3/14/2006  |  Post a comment
This just in: Voice is not a growth business.
Broadband Price Charter
The Philter  | 
3/13/2006  |  15 comments
Time for a little broadband kiss and tell.
BellSouth Merger Q&A
The Philter  | 
3/10/2006  |  Post a comment
BellSouth shareholders: 'No cash for you!'
RBOCs Aim for 10M GPON Subs
News Analysis  | 
3/9/2006  |  18 comments
The big phone companies are looking for 10M GPON subs in the next five years, and the vendor shortlist includes some familar names
The Philter  | 
3/8/2006  |  Post a comment
Why am I in the media? Two words: Door Prizes.
Will AT&T Become Ma Video?
News Analysis  | 
3/8/2006  |  21 comments
AT&T will get some valuable video bits when it acquires BellSouth
Symons Says
The Philter  | 
3/8/2006  |  Post a comment
Jeanette Symons wants to make your kids smarter.
Cisco's Watching You
News Analysis  | 
3/7/2006  |  1 comment
Networking giant makes a $51M buy to get into physical security with IP video gear from SyPixx
Level Is Unfair
The Philter  | 
3/7/2006  |  1 comment
No one wants a level playing field.
Sources: Force10's Prepping Its IPO
News Analysis  | 
3/7/2006  |  38 comments
Will Force10 be a force in the public markets?
Heavy Talking
The Philter  | 
3/6/2006  |  Post a comment
Heavy Reading takes to the airwaves.
AT&T Deal Could Spur Cable Buys
News Analysis  | 
3/6/2006  |  3 comments
Analyst sees cable consolidation following the announcement of a $67B merger between AT&T and BellSouth
Ma Bell Is Back!
News Analysis  | 
3/6/2006  |  11 comments
AT&T and BellSouth announce a $67 billion merger that will create the nation's largest phone company
Genband on the Run
News Analysis  | 
3/6/2006  |  4 comments
General Bandwidth is moving office, shortening its name, acquiring Syndeo, and adding new products
Duane's Dollars Days
The Philter  | 
3/6/2006  |  4 comments
BellSouth's big chief is going to make a pile.
Oscar Picks
The Philter  | 
3/3/2006  |  Post a comment
For your perusal, my Oscar picks.
Global Crossing's Bud Basu on Convergence
LRTV Master Class  | 
3/3/2006  |  Post a comment
The VP for Product Management, discusses the hot convergence issues
Cable (Still) Rules
The Philter  | 
3/3/2006  |  Post a comment
Internet, Schminternet. Your video options are on the decline.
Ciena Down on Downgrade
News Analysis  | 
3/3/2006  |  2 comments
Optical networking is still heating up, but Ciena's stock price may have already reflected its potential, say analysts
They Love to Fly
The Philter  | 
3/2/2006  |  Post a comment
The FCC can be a circus. Is it also a roadshow?
Headcount: Plentiful & Hard to Get
Headcount  | 
3/2/2006  |  1 comment
Spirent cuts in marketing, Anschutz leaves Qwest, Huber gets paid, Nortel adds more GE-men, and the jobs outlook is as confusing as ever
The Sonus Short Leash
The Philter  | 
3/1/2006  |  5 comments
Why is Mark Sullivan wearing a dog collar?

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