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Cablevision Takes On Internet Video
The Philter  | 
2/26/2010  |  2 comments
10:55 AM Jeff Baumgartner and I fight through a bad Skype call to discuss a new service idea from Cablevision that consumers may really like
Genband CEO Sees Opportunity in a Complex Deal
LR Mobile News Analysis  | 
2/24/2010  |  Post a comment
Genband's Charlie Vogt says the cost was too great for other bidders, and his firm is best positioned to profit from Nortel's CVAS
Handicapping Clearwire
The Philter  | 
2/24/2010  |  Post a comment
3:05 PM Does Clearwire have the stuff to compete with AT&T or Verizon? Sidecut Reports analyst Paul Kapustka says they may have a different idea
Genband Wins Nortel's Carrier VoIP Biz
News Analysis  | 
2/24/2010  |  21 comments
The 'stalking horse' process concludes as Nortel's VoIP crown jewels go to Plano, Texas, media gateway vendor
400G or Terabit?
The Philter  | 
2/23/2010  |  Post a comment
11:20 AM Craig Matsumoto says there is a debate brewing on what will be the next big bandwidth jump in the Internet's core
MWC 2010: More Scenes From the Show
LR Mobile News Analysis  | 
2/19/2010  |  Post a comment
Microsoft who? We think the sheer number of Android smartphones at this show is a clear indicator of where the market's heading
LR Editors: What Are They Good For?
The Philter  | 
2/18/2010  |  1 comment
3:00 PM Props, apparently
Google's Gigabit Fiber Fantasy
The Philter  | 
2/15/2010  |  Post a comment
12:01 PM A project to tinker with apps is extraordinary, but not a big telco threat
Cisco, the Universe & Everything
The Philter  | 
2/15/2010  |  1 comment
11:05 AM Way back on Feb. 5, Phil and Rayno talked about Cisco, its economic vision, and how the company seems to be evolving
Supercomm 2010 'Shelved' by Owners
News Analysis  | 
2/8/2010  |  9 comments
Financial projections for 2010 scare off the event's management company
Mankiewich Out as AlcaLu Wireless CTO
News Analysis  | 
2/5/2010  |  5 comments
Wireless industry vet Paul Mankiewich has left AlcaLu after nearly 30 years UPDATED 1:45 PM
Radio: The Internet's Best Friend
The Philter  | 
2/3/2010  |  Post a comment
8:45 AM Radio does offer a new dimension to reportage, and good radio is worth paying for