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McFadden, Spradley out at Nortel
News Analysis  | 
11/29/2005  |  31 comments
Two of Nortel's most senior executives are heading out the door as the new CEO makes room for a fresher crew
CES Coming Soon
The Philter  | 
11/29/2005  |  2 comments
I'm already getting CES party invitations.
Scientific-Atlanta: Cisco's Sweet Deal?
News Analysis  | 
11/28/2005  |  1 comment
Some Scientific-Atlanta shareholders and analysts say the company went cheap; another bidder might have paid more
Mall Rats
The Philter  | 
11/28/2005  |  Post a comment
Did anyone really leave the house this weekend?
Death Gravy
The Philter  | 
11/23/2005  |  Post a comment
[email protected]
The Philter  | 
11/22/2005  |  11 comments
How long before we see Google layoffs?
LR Picks Private Marketing Finalists
News Analysis  | 
11/21/2005  |  Post a comment
Light Reading names its finalists for Best Marketing, Private Company
The Philter Index
The Philter  | 
11/18/2005  |  1 comment
Get your AT&T facts right here!
SBC Makes $800M Texas Pledge
News Analysis  | 
11/17/2005  |  Post a comment
SBC says it's focusing on Texas, with $800 million of Lightspeed spending rewarding the state for friendly legislation
Dish, Texas
The Philter  | 
11/17/2005  |  Post a comment
UTStarcom Sells IPTV to China
News Analysis  | 
11/15/2005  |  2 comments
UTStarcom bags China's largest telecom carrier in a smallish IPTV deployment deal
Black Hats
The Philter  | 
11/15/2005  |  Post a comment
CMP buys the Black Hat show.
Sign o' the Times
The Philter  | 
11/15/2005  |  Post a comment
At some satellite TV outfits, courtesy is an option.
Google Searching
The Philter  | 
11/15/2005  |  Post a comment
Google just doesn't do anything for me...
The Philter Index
The Philter  | 
11/14/2005  |  Post a comment
Get your fact detection rings on, kiddies!
SBC Brass Dominates the New AT&T
News Analysis  | 
11/11/2005  |  1 comment
Most of SBC's top brass stay in place post-acquisition, but the future of the AT&T CTO office hasn't been discussed
Sign o' the Times
The Philter  | 
11/10/2005  |  2 comments
Wasn't Vehicilies the Greek god of misspellings?
Calix to Buy OSI
News Analysis  | 
11/9/2005  |  16 comments
Acquisition gives Calix a path from BPON to GPON, while giving OSI a graceful exit
The Philter  | 
11/9/2005  |  11 comments
Does Sonus have the most rabid fan base since Corvis?
Sonus Misses in Q3
News Analysis  | 
11/9/2005  |  9 comments
Share price slumps as softswitch vendor reports a net loss of $2.7 million, or a penny a share, on revenues $45.7 million
Bunny Flop
The Philter  | 
11/8/2005  |  Post a comment
I watch. I learn. I love The News Show.
Redback's DeNuccio: We Can Go It Alone
News Analysis  | 
11/7/2005  |  Post a comment
Redback has been the subject of acquisition rumors. But CEO Kevin DeNuccio says it can stay independent
The Philter  | 
11/7/2005  |  Post a comment
I just knew this was going to happen...
The Philter Index
The Philter  | 
11/4/2005  |  Post a comment
Get your fact detection rings on, kiddies!
Headcount: More Deep Cuts
Headcount  | 
11/4/2005  |  1 comment
Heavy Reading hires again, Tellabs promotes DeWilde Man, DT performs a German layoff, and Lucent retirees try to get even
The Philter  | 
11/2/2005  |  Post a comment
Now that's a testimonial...
300 an Hour!
The Philter  | 
11/2/2005  |  9 comments
AOL's got problems.

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