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White Rock Got Rocked
The Philter  | 
8/31/2006  |  87 comments
Optical transport player is shutting down
Nommunication Is Power
The Philter  | 
8/31/2006  |  Post a comment
Blog survey respondents may not be bloggers
Hot VOIP Action
The Philter  | 
8/31/2006  |  Post a comment
If it's VOIP, it must be good
Hunting Project Lightspeed
The Philter  | 
8/30/2006  |  Post a comment
Here's how to tell if U-verse is coming to your 'hood
Genband Splashes Out for BayPackets
News Analysis  | 
8/30/2006  |  22 comments
Genband buys another company, giving it another set of products for wireless, cable, and telco operators
Lightspeed Unauthorized
Slide Shows  | 
8/29/2006  |  13 comments
In North Texas, we got photos of lots of ugly cabinets signaling AT&T's impending access fight with cable MSOs and CLECs
Verimatrix Player Puts PCs in TV-Land
News Analysis  | 
8/29/2006  |  2 comments
IPTV operators may turn to software apps to cut down on set-top costs and allow 'view anywhere' TV
YouTube for $30B?
The Philter  | 
8/25/2006  |  3 comments
YouTube is more valuable than all the oil in China
Sony Reels In Grouper
News Analysis  | 
8/23/2006  |  2 comments
P2P video sharer gets gobbled up by Sony; exact plans are yet unclear
AT&T: Hold the MoCA
News Analysis  | 
8/23/2006  |  5 comments
Carrier chooses HomePNA as its official in-home networking technology
Pulver's $200 Question
The Philter  | 
8/21/2006  |  6 comments
If a VON falls, will anyone hear it?
The Philter  | 
8/18/2006  |  2 comments
Links make the world go round
Video Sharing: Show Me the Money
News Analysis  | 
8/18/2006  |  1 comment
Video sharers offer five ways carriers and gearmakers can make it possible for online video to go mainstream
Google 'Bias' Update
The Philter  | 
8/16/2006  |  2 comments
Things were said. Changes were made
Is AT&T Eyeing Eyespot?
News Analysis  | 
8/16/2006  |  Post a comment
Sources say the carrier is taking a hard look at adding shared video to its consumer product mix
Anti-Spam PR Is Spam?
The Philter  | 
8/16/2006  |  Post a comment
92% of all spam statistics are made up
Is Google Biased?
The Philter  | 
8/15/2006  |  64 comments
Why does Google miss so often?
Chris Ruff, President, UIEvolution
LRTV Interviews  | 
8/15/2006  |  Post a comment
Chris Ruff, President of UIEvolution, says handset technology and the ability for carriers to think beyond the first generation of wireless services are some of the issues holding up a real boom in the mobile video market
LR Ranks Video Sharing Sites
News Analysis  | 
8/14/2006  |  1 comment
Blip.tv, VideoEgg, and Dailymotion beat YouTube in a Light Reading evaluation of 45 Websites
Top Ten Video Sharing Websites
Reports  | 
8/14/2006  |  40 comments
How 45 of them stack up, from the point of view of someone wanting to post videos rather than just look at someone else's
That's Hot
The Philter  | 
8/11/2006  |  1 comment
The AC is 100!
Headcount Update
The Philter  | 
8/7/2006  |  Post a comment
Convergence gonna get you
TelecomNext: McCormick Strikes Back
News Analysis  | 
8/4/2006  |  9 comments
In letters to CEOs and legal representatives, USTelecom strikes back at vendors that may have balked at exhibiting at TelecomNext
Asian Flava
The Philter  | 
8/3/2006  |  3 comments
Chopsticks. Fortune cookies. Steamed rice
Coax Headroom
The Philter  | 
8/2/2006  |  Post a comment
Cable: It's not all used up
Vendors Table TelecomNext Turmoil
News Analysis  | 
8/2/2006  |  9 comments
Vendors still haven't publicly called for a single telecom tradeshow and the TIA says it's open to having single show talks

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