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Is Pay-Per-Bit Anti-Consumer?
The Philter  | 
6/21/2012  |  28 comments
8:30 AM I want broadband and wireless phone bills I can understand. I want to comparison-shop data plans for the best rate. Am I nuts or what?
Huawei Cuts Some US Staff
News Analysis  | 
6/15/2012  |  2 comments
Though profitable, Huawei says it has 'streamlined' its organization in the US. Is the government's investigation starting to become a factor?
Verizon CTO Shows Some Backbone
The Philter  | 
6/7/2012  |  1 comment
1:50 PM Verizon CTO Tony Melone says the process of converging the carrier's four backbone networks is, well, a process
Verizon CTO: Innovation Hinges on Spectrum
News Analysis  | 
6/7/2012  |  Post a comment
Tony Melone sticks with the TIA conference theme of the need for more spectrum but also found some time to talk about innovation
AT&T CEO: Desperately Seeking Spectrum
News Analysis  | 
6/6/2012  |  8 comments
Forget innovation, new ideas, customer satisfaction. AT&T's CEO used his bully pulpit in Dallas to needle regulators about the US 'spectrum crisis'

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