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RUS Shreds List of Materials
TDM Replacement News Analysis  | 
5/26/2011  |  3 comments
Was your product RUS accepted? Really? Congratulations. The world no longer cares
What BT Needs From Gear Makers
The Philter Podcast  | 
5/25/2011  |  2 comments
Andrew Dodsworth at BT's Global Telecom Markets says the suppliers of gear to build new networks should do more to demonstrate that they can work with one another
Verizon FiOS: The Cloud Comes Home
The Philter  | 
5/23/2011  |  2 comments
Verizon's FiOS updates hint at a future where hardware is virtualized, set-tops are dead and a low-latency, high-speed network is the fastest computer you'll ever need
Cloud Computing & TEM Reinvention
The Philter  | 
5/19/2011  |  Post a comment
6:10 PM Telecom equipment makers are expanding everything they do in order to help find and define opportunities in cloud computing
Scaling Clouds With Randy Bias
The Philter Podcast  | 
5/15/2011  |  Post a comment
Cloudscaling CTO offers theories on what telcos need to do to take advantage of enterprise interest in the cloud and tips on competing with Amazon.com
Interop 2011: Slide Show
LRTV Documentaries  | 
5/14/2011  |  Post a comment
Here's a quick music slide show recapping our coverage at Interop 2011 and the Cloud Carrier Forum
Windows Phone & World Domination
The Philter Podcast  | 
5/13/2011  |  Post a comment
Pyramid Research's Stela Bokun defends her global smartphone forecast and explains how Windows Phone will overtake Android, Apple and RIM
Interop 2011: Show Photos
Slide Shows  | 
5/12/2011  |  8 comments
Our Interop pic story features big boxes, exclusive booth access and some helpful tips on surviving the world's most vibrant enterprise tech show in Las Vegas
Verizon's Chris Gesell: Embracing the Cloud
LRTV Interviews  | 
5/12/2011  |  Post a comment
With a title like chief cloud strategist, you figure Chris Gesell has to know something about moving enterprises to the cloud
Why Cloud Computing?
LRTV Documentaries  | 
5/10/2011  |  1 comment
Heavy Reading's Ari Banerjee plainly states why everyone's so interested in cloud computing
A Straight Look at BT's Vertical Clouds
LRTV Interviews  | 
5/10/2011  |  Post a comment
BT's Scott Cain discusses his company's approach to cloud computing, the challenges it faces in bridging the chasm between IT and network groups and what investments might come from the surge in cloud computing's popularity
Verizon's Mike Millegan: A Cloud Evolution
LRTV Interviews  | 
5/10/2011  |  Post a comment
Mike Millegan, president of Verizon Global Wholesale, argues that Verizon's cloud services are different from the 'commodity clouds' made popular by Internet players
Happy Snaps: Carrier Cloud Forum 2011
Slide Shows  | 
5/9/2011  |  2 comments
The one-day conference is almost over, but before we head for the tables, here are a few snapshots from the day's proceedings
Cloudscaling's Bias: Telcos Show Cloudy Thinking
LRTV Interviews  | 
5/9/2011  |  Post a comment
Cloudscaling CTO Randy Bias says telcos should take a more Internet-centric approach to cloud computing by using commodity hardware and getting to market quickly
Let's Split Up Cisco
The Philter Podcast  | 
5/6/2011  |  6 comments
Ehud Gelblum of Morgan Stanley makes the case that Cisco would be more valuable in pieces
Managing Mobile Data Caps
The Philter Podcast  | 
5/5/2011  |  Post a comment
Sarah Reedy talks about how to manage mobile data caps and what marketing challenges lie ahead for Sprint if it doesn't stick to unlimited data plans

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