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FCC Welcomes 'Ma Bell' Back
News Analysis  | 
12/29/2006  |  3 comments
The FCC (finally) approves AT&T's buyout of BellSouth
Qwest Floats Fiber Access RFP
News Analysis  | 
12/29/2006  |  Post a comment
Qwest is looking to provide a fiber-fed triple play via FTTP, FTTN, and FTTC, in different parts of its network
Watch Out, YouTube
The Philter  | 
12/28/2006  |  Post a comment
For $25K, I can get an Internet TV channel
Thank You, TIME
The Philter  | 
12/27/2006  |  2 comments
Me? Person of the Year? You shouldn't have
Bad Tech Demos
The Philter  | 
12/26/2006  |  9 comments
Five tech demos I'm sick of
Bundle Up & Save
The Philter  | 
12/21/2006  |  1 comment
Here's what the triple play really costs
Spring Into VON
The Philter  | 
12/20/2006  |  Post a comment
At Spring VON, marketing falls back
No More Morse
The Philter  | 
12/19/2006  |  Post a comment
Radio geeks don't have to be code-breakers
Thumb Driving
The Philter  | 
12/18/2006  |  Post a comment
Discarded trinkets of joy
Tick, Tick, Tick...
The Philter  | 
12/15/2006  |  1 comment
AT&T Still Digging on DBLAM!
News Analysis  | 
12/12/2006  |  1 comment
AT&T says the DSLAM explosion in Houston was an 'islolated incident' but investigation continues
Sirius Humor
The Philter  | 
12/12/2006  |  Post a comment
Holiday gifts for whenever
Tellabs' Absence of Malis
News Analysis  | 
12/11/2006  |  3 comments
Andy 'The Basher' Malis, a Vivace founder and MPLS guru, has cut out of Tellabs for Verizon.
Hot Date?
The Philter  | 
12/11/2006  |  Post a comment
Looks are key for dating service
I'm All Gigli
The Philter  | 
12/11/2006  |  1 comment
Best awful movie promo. Ever
Big Changes at Blip
The Philter  | 
12/8/2006  |  Post a comment
And the Cheat Sheet finds a home
Alcatel's Heartburn
The Philter  | 
12/6/2006  |  2 comments
That logo looks familiar
C-SIDE Is Painless
The Philter  | 
12/6/2006  |  Post a comment
MySpace, the song
The Philter  | 
12/6/2006  |  Post a comment
VON will be VON

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